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XCT Mentalist Coffee Bean Kit (2x Mentalist Coffee Beans, 1x XCT Oil)

Everything you need to get started making Bulletproof Coffee (butter not provided!) This is the same gear we use ourselves each morning. We've tested and selected the most reliable products that provide you with convenience and produce the best possible brew of Bulletproof Coffee.

2X Upgraded Coffee Beans (340g)

Upgraded Coffee Upgrades Your Head. Mycotoxin-free coffee beans sourced from a family owned, carbon neutral, organic, rainforest alliance certified single origin estate in Guatamala. Enjoy Upgraded Coffee black, or mix with MCT oil and unsalted grass fed butter to create Bulletproof Coffee!

1X MCT Oil

A healthy source of saturated fats. Upgraded Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil is made up of Capric and Caprylic Fatty Acids giving you 6X the energy of coconut oil without any odour or flavour.

Just Add Butter & Blend

Add a stick of your favourite grass-fed butter to your freshly brewed coffee and blend together for amazing Bulletproof Coffee. Consider adding Xyla for a sweeter taste!

Approximate weight for shipping purposes: 2kg

128.50 SGD